Ever wanted to wash your hands and after using the mixer you did not just wash your hands but also ended up with water all over your clothes? The latest bathroom designs have brought /given us many many variations of wash basin designs and mixers that not always go perfect with each other. Since the shapes and forms of wash basin are now ranging from round to squared basins not every mixer automatically goes with it. While using the mixer it can happen that you splash water all over you or your bathroom because the angle of the water and the angle of the basin do not correlate.

This topic might only come across once you just had an annoying faux pas or you are planning a bathroom renovation. The problem should not keep you from choosing modern and stylish mixers and basins. How often do you renovate your bathroom? When you renovate your home and take the time for a makeover, you definitely want to get exactly the design you like. We highly recommend asking your renovator or local dealer before you start renovating if your chosen mixer and wash basin combination go perfectly together. This will not only cost you anything but is going to save you a lot of trouble with your modern bathroom design.

The researchers of Hansgrohe have set up the so called Hansgrohe ComfortZone test for their new product line to assure customers the perfect mixer / wash basin combination. Five different ceramic types were taken and combined with numerous mixers.

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