Even though the summer was more than generous the colder season has started. As a perfect solution for your bathroom IXL has designed a combination of a heat lamp, a bathroom fan and a bathroom light, launched under the name "Neo Tastic". 

Since every bathroom design is different, IXL offers two sizes with either one or two heat lamps based on the Halo Heat Technology. The reflective elements behind the heat lights lead to a more efficient dispersion of radiant heat, minimizes the dissipation of energy and saves you money. For the light three state of the art Omni Lighting compact fluorescent lamps are installed that provide bright illumination in your bathroom. To ensure a well ventilated bathroom a highly efficient exhaust fan was integrated that draws the steam-laden air directly outside.

Depending on your bathroom design the bathroom fan light heaters comes in two colours - as a white or silver finish. Because of the contemporary universal design the bathroom fan light heater combination easily fits in to every bathroom. If you have questions just send us an email, we are happy to advise you on your bathroom heating.

The bathroom heater lights from IXL are available in our online shop. To get directly to the products please click on the following links:

IXL Bathroom Heater Lights with Exhaust Fan (Dual and Single)

About the company: IXL is an Australian company founded in Geelong in 1858. Since then it has always specialised among others in manufacturing heating appliances.