Leaders in Ecological Solutions
In recent years, Australia has experienced some of the worst droughts on record. Combine this with growing urbanisation and it’s clear to see why demands on our precious water reserves are greater than ever before. Governments, water authorities and the wider community are striving for dramatic long-term solutions, and it is evident that we need to work together in order to preserve this resource for a sustainable future.
Caroma Dorf recognise the need for a solutions approach to address the current water situation and devising sustainable water management solutions for homes and businesses is now a core focus.
Caroma Dorf sees residential and commercial retrofit programs as one of the most efficient and immediate answers to Australia’s water crisis. Together with a complete portfolio of water efficient products, Caroma Dorf offers affordable and practical sustainable options designed to make installing the latest water saving products easy.
For more information on Caroma Dorf Ecological Solutions, or if you require any further information, brochures or service, please email us: info@konceptsbkr.com.au.

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